Sarahah app is getting quite popular, and it is harmful? Let us find out

18 Aug 2017 05:16

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The Sarahah App has been created by Jainul Abedin from Saudi Arabia and is acquiring quite a lot of headlines from around the world. This app has become popular in more than 30 countries. At Apple App Store this application has become one of the leading four trading apps lists. Around 5 to 10 million users have installed this app from Google Play Store in Android. The application demands that through it, users can send positive feedback to employees and friends working with them.

Gaining popularity can also be dangerous

Through this applications users can easily send messages to anyone, the message receiver will not be able to understand the name of the person who has sent the message. This process can lead the increase of risk by “cyber bullying.” It can also increase the negativity within themselves and others. It signifies further that this application is getting too much attention from Facebook and Snapchat throughout around the world and it remains as a center of attraction amongst the users.


According to Pawan Duggal, the Cyber ​​Expert said that Sarahah application could negatively influence sovereignty, integrity, and security of India. If anybody directs threats through this app, what will be the consequences? These applications need to be regulated by law. Sarahah is misguiding the users by hiding the identity of the sender.

As per Pawan Duggal, he also claimed that this application would increase too much cyber bullying. Major platforms like Facebook and Twitter have already increased trolling and bullying from before. To stop cyber bullying and to troll, there have been no effective measures taken by these companies. Neither any strict law has been implemented to put an end to it. Whereas in Facebook and Traveler users are known still the increase of fake id of different people is increasing badly. In this app, the identity of the users is also confidential. Anyone can send any message to anyone since the identity of the person is hidden. In such condition, it can be harmful and also dangerous for anyone.

According to him, there needs to be a check on the misuse of this app in cyber crime for that it is essential for us to take necessary steps.

Sarahah app could be downloaded to Android or iOS in any version. After downloading the application, users first need to set up their profile with custom URL. For an example

After you complete of the entire setup of the app, you will receive four options

In the top right corner of the settings, there is an icon which will help users to get push notifications, email notifications also. In the case of privacy required, users need to disable/enable incoming messages from non-registered users in “appear on search” option.

Which language does this app Sarahah support?

Presently this app only supports two languages namely English and Arabic. You can easily find this app for iPhone iOS users it is available in App Store, and for Android users, it is Google Play Store. The most sticking feature of this app is that the users can read any messages but will not be able to reply any of them.
When did this app launch?

Sarahah app has launched as just a website in the month of February 2017. Within 30days from its releasing date, this app user reached to 25 million, 12 million in Arabia and 17 million in Tunisia. After this high popularity it gained, this later created in the new form of an application, and in the month of June, it has introduced to Apple and Android users through App Store and Google Play Store. This app is available on Apple App Store in more than 30 countries including America, France, and United Kingdom.

Sarahah originally an Arabic word which means “honesty.”

Through this app it can be possible that your information can also get hacked easily:
•User details could be public
•Hikers can very easily hike all the information related to email id, IP address
•Bitcoin can demand high payment from the users
•If the identity of the users gets revealed, then that might jeopardize the social status of the person
•No company have made this app, and it is possible that your data might get sold tomorrow therefore without any assurance you cannot trust this app
If by any instance shortly in future the developer’s identity gets exposed and provides all the main features. Then what would happen?

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