27 Sep 2016 14:21

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In order to provide better health facilities to elderly in the city member of Parliament (MP) Kirron Kher has asked the UT administration to pioneer a project ‘family medicine’ which will facilitate the provision of general physicians on call.

Project will be inaugurated on International Day for older persons — October 1

Project is in initial stage and details of the same will be finalized soon. Project is to be named as Family Medicine. UT administration will fix the rates charged by these general physicians so that elderly people are not fleeced. Punjab assembly elections will be a deciding factor for farmers of Punjab and their long awaited issues.

“In view of the large number of senior citizens living alone, Kirron Kher has suggested that the pilot project may be started to provide medical facilities on fixed nominal charges to these old-age people at their doorstep by involving retired doctors through Red Cross Society,” said an official statement.

“There should be general physicians who take house calls. There are many elderly people who cannot go to hospitals and stand in long queues for minor ailments. They need a facility where doctors can check them at home only,” said Kirron Kher.

“I want to pioneer the family medicine project in the city. I will be happy if I can serve the elderly people of the city,” Kher said.

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